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Widespread occurrence of Insurance fraud and control by Best Private I

Submitted on: Sat, 14 Apr 2012 01:07:35Views: 328
Insurance fraud has become a major trouble in the US for a long time now. The insurance and banking sector saw its ugly face in this recent recession, which led some of the top financial companies into bankruptcy. Insurance fraudulency runs into billions of dollars in US and gives a tough time to every insurance company. To minimize this crisis, a large number of insurance companies rely on various investigating agencies to figure out the particulars and verify about their insured clients. Over these years, California Private Investigation Agency, Optimal Intelligence has turned out to be the best private investigator in California, as far as solving of insurance fraud cases are concerned.
Optimal intelligence allots all their insurance fraud cases to their specialized Insurance Fraud Investigators who works in tandem with the client to confirm the validity of the claim. OI clients have direct access to the Operatives both online and via telephone. Upon completion of each case, the client receives a comprehensive report comprising of documentation of the incident, past history of claimant, background report, medical releases, pictures and a background investigation.
Optimal Intelligence’s method of Investigation:
Fast Turnaround Time: Optimal Intelligence has the ability to deploy their Operatives within minutes of the request. The client will receive the complete case report within 24 hours after investigation.
Accuracy: The Company makes use of GPS tracking systems with their Operatives so that client can have on-field information about the location and identity of the by which they can pinpoint the exact location of insurance claimant.
Strong Clientele: OI has served successfully several top Insurance biggies throughout US and they swear by its commitment and case delivery.
Vast Experience: All the investigators and experts recruited by OI have several years of relative experience, whether it is insurance fraud, crime investigation, civil investigation, forensic data, computer forensics etc. This has immensely helped it to carve an excellent success rate and client base.
Detail Reporting: OI submits a comprehensive and highly authentic report to its clients regarding their claimants. The report comprises of DMV reports, background check, expert eye witness, digital and analogue evidence, etc.

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