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Advantages of Getting Horse Stall Mats from Treadall

Submitted on: Mon, 18 Nov 2013 07:06:26Views: 455
Horse stall mats are usually made f durable rubber and some in different sizes and textures or finishes. The so many designs and services depend on your own personal preference and the type of environment that you have. For example you can decide to have interlocking house stall mats or simple wall to wall mats. Smaller sizes of mats are good for portability and are more versatile. They are good to prevent slipping and provide comfort when transporting horses over long distances. There are so many benefits that one can get from having horse mats.

Most importantly, horse stall mats provide a lot of comfort to the horse. The rubber in the mats has a soft cushioning effect which is very comfortable to lie on. The cushioning prevents injuries that usually result from stress or strain to the joints or pressure points. Secondly rubber matting is a good insulating material which provides warmth, as opposed to a cold concrete floor or damp earth floor which do not retain heat and can be very cold, especially in winter. Horse Arena Dust Control can also be achieved from having the right kind of mats. You should provide warmth and comfort for your horse so that the horse can always be in good shape.

Equine matting can be purchased with either a textured finish or alternatively reversible mat which offers smooth finish on one side for easier cleaning. The textured finish offers excellent traction to prevent the horse from slipping and thus increases safety. Treadall horse mats and flooring are easy for use and cleaning. Rubber arena footing is very hygienic as it is easy to keep clean and unlike wood or earth flooring it is easy to sterilize. Cleanliness is important for both you and your horses and the best way to achieve this is to use the right type of flooring. The services in Treadall include ensuring that you are satisfied with what you get.

When you are looking to get rubber arena footing it is important to consider your drainage system. This is why it is still important to get Treadall horse mats and flooring. They provide mats that allow urine to drain through hence ensuring cleanliness and your stable will always be dry. When you have a proper drainage system you will also save on bedding costs. Horse mats that have proper drainage systems are good to ensure that your horses are always in a clean place. It is also advisable to have your stable on a slanting area so that the urine can slide away instead of accumulating in one place.

Having rubber arena footing is economical alternative conventional flooring because less bedding is required as the mat already provides comfort and warmth. If you are looking for cost effective mats for your stable that will ensure that you use less energy when cleaning and maintaining then you should get the services of treadall. Provide comfortable support for your horses and ensure that they are well protected from injury.

Trey Donelle is the author of this article on Treadall Horse Mats & Footing.
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