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Why Look for Colocation Sydney Australia

Submitted on: Sat, 30 Mar 2013 06:39:00Views: 326
A lot of big companies today have their own internet facilities to host their own web servers. They also have their own team of professionals that are expert in IT to be able to handle and manipulate the site while small to medium scale companies don’t have. They need colocation Sydney Australia for their business if they want to function similar to large scale companies without spending huge amount of cash. In terms of hosting, you can choose from simple to dedicated servers. In this article, you will learn more why there is a need for colocation Sydney Australia over other hosting choices.

Everything about colocation Sydney Australia

Colocation Sydney Australia is less expensive than a standard web hosting service; it also allows you to put your equipment in another place and still be able to share bandwidth like your own. If you have the machine and you want it to be installed to another location that is possible. The company will help by providing you with an IP and bandwidth to be able to power up your server. As soon as its running, you can now use it like you would normally in a website that is hosted by a provider. It’s just that you are the owner of the hardware.

The paybacks of colocation Sydney Australia

• One of the biggest payback of using colocation Sydney Australia is the bandwidth and its cost. Do you know that you can use bigger bandwidth without extra cost? Low cost bandwidth with limited amount such as what DSL offers cost just the same as a colocation facility but they usually provide huge bandwidth speeds and better network too.

• Colocation Sydney Australia facilities provide better protection from network and power failure compared to other providers. You don’t have to worry about perils because you can now work safely without worrying about power and network failure along the way.

• Because you own the machinery in the server, if you happen to decide to upgrade the memory or to downgrade it, you don’t have to wait for the customer support of the provider because you own the machine and you have total control over it.

• You own the software too so you don’t have to depend on the provider in terms of software installation or tools that you would like to use for your system. You can just buy and install them at once.

• Moving won’t be a big problem because you can leave the server even if it’s running the whole time.

• Better security can be achieved for your equipment and your server is also well kept in a better environment.

Is colocation the right choice? This has been the question of a lot of business owners who would like to acquire for their sites. If you want to have a bigger web presence then colocation is the right one for you so you can also have bigger network connections without huge spending. You have your choice and its best to choose the right company wisely.

Colocation Sydney Australia - SIS Hosting provides reliable and affordable website hosting to small, medium and large enterprise. For more details visit

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