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WordPress Development is Not Just for Bloggers Anymore!

Submitted on: Wed, 31 Oct 2012 11:02:54Views: 410
The WordPress platform and framework is probably best known as an open source blog solution with many free tools and themes. WordPress features, functionality and capabilities have expanded with professional tools. WordPress programming and WordPress development represents a growing trend to leverage this framework for Content Management Systems (CMS), enterprise sites, social networking sites and integration, event management sites, and document management and collaboration.

WordPress Provides Numerous Tools to Support CMS, Blog and Site Development

1. Hierarchical capabilities with multi-user and multi-site management tools
2. Easily create custom taxonomy with categories and tagging
3. Create custom menus and multi-level navigation with simple menu navigation tools
4. Table support with advanced plugins
5. Interface plug-ins for Microsoft LDAP databases
6. Site-wide Tags for page and aggregate tagging
7. Simplified site configuration and content placement with custom widgets
8. Quick changes to look and feel and functionality with site update tools that allow users to make changes without downtime or impact to content

The WordPress Theme Designer framework provides flexible plug-in architecture and a rich template environment where WordPress developers can create everything from simple to complex sites and design business CMS systems targeted to enterprise users or customers. WordPress functionality allows users to manage dynamic content, publish and search information or products or services, and present a uniform branding environment. Users can make quick changes to the look, feel and functionality of a WordPress site without time-consuming, complex changes to the site content.

WordPress features and functionality include:

1. The WordPress Dashboard : an administrative management tool that supports FTP content upload
2. Plugins : create WordPress plugins, choosing from a database of thousands of plug-ins
3. Widgets : use drag and drop functionality to position content and extend site functionality with plug ins
4. WordPress Apps : post content and work in native environs for Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone7, and Blackberry.
5. Multilingual Support : the WordPress dashboard supports 50 languages
6. Multi-Media Support : WordPress allows developers to add images, video and audio in galleries or individual instances
7. Security : WordPress has added multi-layered security to its free and licensed tools and hosted sites

A skilled WordPress theme designer and experienced WordPress developer can create compelling blog sites, and CMS and enterprise sites to satisfy cross-platform requirements and user and customer needs. When combined with the power of the WordPress framework a skilled developer can leverage the WordPress features to create a site to serve your mobile, Smart Phone and tablet users and clients.

Hire wordpress developer for Wordpress CMS Development or Wordpress Website Development. Elegant Microweb offer Custom WordPress Development services including Wordpress customization, plugin development, Wordpress Portal, and ECM.

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