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Submitted on: Wed, 24 Aug 2011 10:51:04Views: 411

" Special offers for top corporate employees"
Unlimited Plan for Rs 750
for top Corporate employees


Plan Name Monthly
Rental(Rs.) Bundled
Usage Extra
(Usage Charges)
Photon Plus Value 250 300 MB/month 50p/MB
Photon+ Lite 500 650 MB/month 50p/MB
Photon+ 1GB 650 1.0 GB/ month 50p/MB
Photon+ 2GB 750 2.0 GB/month 50p/MB
Photon+ 6GB 900 6 GB/month 50p/MB
Minutes Based Plan

Photon+ Use & Pay plan 250 300 min Re 1/ Min
Photon+ Daily 60 500 1800 min Re 1/ Min

Plan Name Monthly Rental (Rs.) Free Usage at speeds upto 3.1 mbps (downlink) Usage beyond bundled usage at the speed up to 155kbps
950 Unlimited 950 5 GB Unlimited
1200 Unlimited 1200 10 GB Unlimited
1500 Unlimited 1500 15 GB Unlimited


You can enjoy speed up to 3.1 Mbps. Here its worth mention that the speed depends on various factors such as · time of surfing (peak hours/ night hours); · number of simultaneous users (one base station caters to many users in the area in whose jurisdiction subscriber is present); · Signal strength is reduced due to any physical obstructions between the base station and the location of the connection. · Web page accessed (other siteâ??s server may not respond with good speed and depends in which country the server of site accessed is situated, like for server is located in India and provides faster access and for, server is located outside India and hence slow); · No. of web pages accessed at a time ( in case user has opened multiple windows e.g. downloading the data from one and sending data through other, total sped gets divided and consequently results into slow speed); · No. of hops i.e. gateways in between e.g. from Tata it may go onto VSNL and to any other before hitting the target and the capacity would respond according to speed/ capacity offered by other gateways.

It is time to buy now.

Free home delivery.
On spot activation.
Cheaper plans than any one other high speed internet.
Support upto 2 GB Micro SD (no need to carry extra pen drive for data storage)
Largest network.
Download upto 3.1MBPS.
Upload upto 1.8 MBPS
Plug-in-play (no CD requred for installation)
Compatible with windows VISTA, XP,7 and MAC.
FOR LATEST OFFERS CONTACT OUR CUSTOMER CARE ON 9551066557,9150333850 (For Chennai&Coimbatore)

This site is Owned by GetNetChennai

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