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How to Get More Comments on Your Blog?

Submitted on: Thu, 28 Apr 2011 00:30:28Views: 432
Every blogger thinks of this as his or her primary objective that whenever a post is made, there should be more and more comments, making the post a successful hit for the readers. Well, if you are not getting such results over your postings then discussed below are a few effective tips with the help of which you would be able to get more comments on your Wordpress blog.

Your track backs should not ever be mixed; especially when they are active with reader comments in your blog. All it would do is get the reader confused for a while and he or she would not be able to differentiate among the 2. Doing this would also clear up any confusion in the readerâ??s mind showing clearly where the comment box is, so they can quickly leave their comments. Also, sometimes having a lot of comments over the blog can get a reader confused as well. So, number them for the readerâ??s convenience.

Another thing that makes a difference is the customization of the Wordpress comment box. Not to mention that this can be done to gain a visitorâ??s attention as well, so you need to add some good graphics on your page. This trick often works as mostly the comment boxes are boring so the visitorâ??s mostly over look them not commenting a word. When your Wordpress comment box would be fancy and catchy, it would surely force one to leave a comment.

One more thing that should be done is, once you have posted something and it got a number of comments underneath it; count them and display an exact number of how many comments that specific post received. The valued comment that you wanted to seek cannot be found with ease, you have to put in efforts for this. Twitter and Feed burner are a couple of places where it really helps in displaying the total number of comments you got; this brings in more readers towards your Wordpress blog.

Wordpress 2.5 carries an option where a comment can be edited if by mistake something wrong was typed in. There are readers who would comment over your posts on a regular basis thus doing this with speed might cause time to make the mistakes while typing in the comments. Give them the option of editing their comments so they can re-write. These effective tips would make sure that your Wordpress blog gets more and more comments with the passage of time.

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