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Superoot air pots come as a better option for the garden enthusiasts w

Submitted on: Mon, 30 Jan 2012 01:00:06Views: 312
Superoot air pots come as a better option for the garden enthusiasts who want to bring some more liveliness and beauty to their garden. The trees and shrubs are a fascination for many people and superoot air containers have been invented with an aim to produce containerised shrubs and trees of the highest quality.

The air-pot is quite a creative way of growing trees and shrubs. Since its introduction this advanced gardening technology has received wide appreciation among those who always want to give their garden a vibrant, neat and pleasing look. Apart from maximising the benefits, it also produces high quality trees and shrubs. Air ports have been widely in use in the best horticultural institutions of the world which have remained the major supporters and propagated collection of rare seeds in air-pots and later on transferring them to larger air-pots. Plant health and vitality are the most important factors in gardening and air-pots ensure this by enhancing root system. This is why when you use Superoot Air Pots you are able to grow high quality trees and shrubs. Even with ‘problem’ species this system produces excellent results. Even such plants which have an extensive root system or do not like containers air-pots are excellent option.

The advantages of using superoot air pots are:

• The plants grown in such pots ensure a vast and superior root system and more healthy plants.
• Superoot air pots make use of advanced and innovative technology combining care and experience in the field of horticulture.
• Ensures enhanced root growth with dense, fibrous, root systems and you do not have to face the problems associated with conventional pots.
• Being made of recycled materials, you can use such pots again and again. Such reusable system with recycled HDPE provides better growth and quality to plant root systems.
• The non- spiralling root system produced in the superoot air pots are exceptionally good and impossible to be produced in other containers.
• Superoots Air-Pot containers are available in containers with cylindrical shape having perforated sidewalls; this is why there is no scope of deflecting roots and the root system remains free from spiralling process. Therefore, with this kind of containers you can remove root circling.
• With superoot air pots you can produce a nice radial root system within a very short time. That is how you can reduce the nursery growing time.
• Production becomes simplified with such pots; even in extreme weather conditions these pots ensure superior performance.

Stairway is a specialist in producing trees and shrubs using the air-pot system ensuring enhanced root growth. Using the superoot air pots you can grow some high quality plants which are much better than those grown in the traditional way. The superoot air containers from Stairway are made of high quality reusable materials which are durable and are available in a wide variety of heights and diameters and you can use them as pots without a base or with base. Planting the seeds in Superoot Air-Pots from Stairway you can grow some of the most high quality trees and shrubs and give your garden a new vibrant look.

Andrew S. is a well-known horticulturist who has an in-depth knowledge about the latest developments in this field. He has written many articles on the various aspects of gardening including superoot air pots and his writings are a good source of knowledge for the gardeners, helping to create their dream garden.

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