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The Series of Recent Developments at VMware

Submitted on: Thu, 19 Jul 2012 07:24:52Views: 382
There seems to be no end to technological advancements. For a layman it is even tough to imagine the future potentials of technology, as we are already at a stage where we had not thought to be. In the world of advancements, all technical companies want to stay ahead of each other. VMware, one of them, is acting alike in the race of getting better.
About VMware
Established in 1998, VMware is a technical company that offers virtualization software to a large clientele. The company's software offers an entirely virtualized set of hardware to the guest operating system. It virtualizes the hardware for a video adapter, a network adapter and hard disk adapters. VMware technology enables to make virtual machines highly portable between computers.
Here is example to understand the use of VMware software better. With the help of virtualization technology, a system administrator can actually pause operations on virtual machine guest and transfer them to a physical computer. The execution can then be resumed from exactly the same point.
What's happening at VMware?
• Acquisition of DynamicOps for Cloud Automation
VMware recently acquired DynamicOps, an organization that makes software for cloud automation. DynamicOps' software have multi-cloud, multi-platform and multi-vendor management capabilities. This collaboration will enable VMware to add 'service governor solution' to its offerings. This solution enables provisioning and management of IT services across various-vendor environments.

The acquisition is scheduled for closure around September 2012. This move will help VMware in getting assistance from DynamicOps, when it develops cloud management deployments for customers.

• Expansion in the Big Data Market

As per official comments from VMware, the company has been planning to make presence in the big data market. It recently launched Spring Hadoop that enables developers in designing applications with Apache Hadoop and Spring framework too. In May 2012, the company bought released its new in-memory database, SQLFire.

Another latest announcement is VMware's open source project that will bring virtualization to Hadoop. Named Serengeti, this project aims to automate deployment and management of Apache Hadoop clusters on virtualized environments. Though Hadoop can already be operated in a virtualized environment, however there are some limitations that will be tried to remove. Apart from this, VMware also unveiled that it is providing a new code to Apache Hadoop to make it virtualization aware.

VMware is a hot technology in the IT market and has a lot of aspects that need to be understood by those planning to specializing this field. There are various institutes that impart VMware training now-a-days. It is good to do complete research about the various institutes, as well understand your requirements before enrolling for course.

• Desktop Virtualization Strategy Mobilized
Under this bracket, VMware is set with two offerings:
The first one is the VMware View Mobile Secure Desktop that streamlines and automates desktop management. This development allows IT managers to designate location-aware and policy-driven access. On the other hand, end users get quicker access to applications and data across multiple devices, locations and networks.

The other step from VMware is the VMware View AlwaysOn Desktop. It is being said that it will provide 24/7 availability for critical applications using stateless virtual desktops. It will additionally facilitate constant load balancing, multi-path access and built-in redundancy.

So all this sounds big and good enough in terms of expansion. It will now be worth seeing how the new advancements are accepted in the market and how these perform. Let's wait for the right time for outcomes to unveil.

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