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The Expansion of Information Technology Sector to Rule Out the Divide!

Submitted on: Thu, 19 Jul 2012 07:14:29Views: 351
Though many of us opt for Information Technology as a career option without any thought, there are good reasons to do that too. Right from the time of leaving school, the word IT has been hovering all around us. While some would have serious reasons behind venturing into this domain, other would get into it without actually being convinced. There is still no harm for those who choose this field without reasons as IT is undeniably a promising professional domain.
Talking about India in particular, it has often been questioned whether IT is a great way of uplifting the society or it just creates societal division. This doubt arises out of the fact that at one end we talk about using IT for transforming the civilization and on the other side barriers like illiteracy, language and poverty are spoiling the game and thus the AIM! Some feel that IT is rather bringing in new gaps in the society likes the 'haves' and 'havenots'.
But logical thinking takes you to a different ideology all together. There are professionals who give sound suggestions, which if adopted can help in ruling out the existing divide and be a reason for the modern transformation of the community.
As owning computers is not feasible for everyone, it is imperative that community access is arranged for them. Making computers available for the public (at may be nominal costs) can broaden its reach and awareness. Then there should be emphasis on developing more vernacular software. Making information available on the Internet in more and more Indian languages can help combating the hurdle of dialects.

In order to fight illiteracy, diversifying the 'text to speech' software can prove very helpful. It will clearly help in covering much larger masses and thus move the society closer to the Internet revolution. It is also surprising to know that these are not just suggestions, many of them have already been acted upon, though at a smaller level. But it wouldn't take time in spreading the virus as all you need is to spread the word of 'competition'.

Some companies have even started developing software for smaller companies, after realizing the fact that India does not have too many big corporations. In a span of merely 6-8 years, Internet may just become a common phenomenon, a part and parcel of the society. This is because it is an easy medium that needs to be utilized in the best possible manner.

At many places, experiments have already commenced and success of those in enough to spread the word of having more such initiatives. On the side of quoting instances, we have the village farmers of Dhar district in Madhya Pradesh who are E-connected to the district headquarters. They get information about prices, tariffs etc from all over the country through the Internet.

Then there is a village in Himachal Pradesh that is connected to AIIMS to get best of healthcare services. Some districts in Andhra Pradesh have 'E-Seva', which works as single-stop-shop for depositing their household bills. Many more such experiments are going on across the nation and these are certainly on the verge of diversification. Information technology is being used as an effective medium for improving education and healthcare system, as well as to make the system more transparent, weed out corruption and improve overall governance.

With such a large variety of expansion plans, it is quite obvious that information technology is all set to bring a great revolution in the near future. For the same reason, IT becomes a rewarding career domain too as you would always need experts to introduce betterment and fix threats. Aspiring candidates thus have choices to get certified in several technologies and build a stable professional life in IT. Some course options include Sharepoint trainingg, Microsoft training, Security and hacking certifications, Project Management expertise, Virtualization, Web Design and Development etc.

Author Bio:
Amit Kataria, a video editor by profession, is the writer of above article. During his spare time, Amit writes information content out of fondness and does a fairly nice job. Koenig is an IT training company that was established in 1993 and provides certifications in more than 100 technologies. Some examples include VMware Vsphere courses, Server +, Illustrator CS5, Advanced Java, CCIE Voice Lab etc.

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