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Submitted on: Fri, 01 Nov 2013 05:42:24Views: 299
In the competitive world , you have a good chance to develop in the field of IT. What you need to do is choose the best way to build your career in the IT field. SAP HANA in the presence and SAS are the priority . SAP HANA is a new module SAP.It began in 1996 as a student project at SAP in cooperation with DFKI. TREX has become a standard feature in SAP NetWeaver 2000 . Memory attributes are added in 2002 and store the data columns are added in 2003 as a way to improve performance .
In 2005, SAP acquired Transact Menlo Park, founded in memory , Inc With the acquisition came P * Time light processing (OLTP) database operations memory technology with a database on osnoveliny .
MaxDB ( formerly SAP DB), a relational database using Nixdorf Software AG (Adabas D) SAP TREX was added to P * ivremya to ensure the preservation and functionality of a traditional data , such as backup .
In 2008, the CTO of SAP visual Sikka wrote on HANA "... our teams are working with Hasso Platter Institute and Stanford University have shown how the new architecture of the application is possible that allows the analysis of complex real-time aggregation , updated at each transaction in such a way never thought possible in financial applications . " in 2009 , the development initiative was launched by SAP for integration of three technologies to provide a more complete set of higher functions. The resulting product was called the inner and outer NEWDB to change HANA DB was not completed in 2011.
SAP HANA is not the first product in the memory of SAP. Business Warehouse Accelerator (BWA earlier BIA) has been developed to speed up queries by storing in a memory BW cubes information . It was followed in 2009, then accelerated as SAP BI tools Explorer in conjunction with BWA as a tool to perform specific analyses Explorer. Other products use SAP in-memory technology were CRM Segmentation , By Design ( for analysis) and enterprise search ( for the role of research based on structured and unstructured data ) . All were based on the engine TREX.
Versions, service packs

Co-founder ( and chairman of the supervisory board of SAP since 2012 ) SAP Hasso Plattner recommended " version less " greenhouse system to support planning date. :
SP0 - issued on 20 November 2010 the first public release of HANA
SP1 - Published June 20, 2011 , HANA general availability (GA), the focus of data rabotyhranilischa
SP2 - published June 27, 2011 , more features Data Mart
Aka HANA 1.5 SP3 - November 7, 2011 Authorization ) with a focus on HANA as a basis for the original data in the Business Warehouse (BW), also known as Project Orange
SP4 - May 2012 , solve all sorts of problems of sustainability and to add new functionality for BW, in accordance with SAP
SP5 - November 2012 provided extensive pilot application services (REST)
SP6 - June 28, 2013 , the current version
Big data refers to data sets that exceed the capabilities of commonly used tools . Although there is no official definition is based on the sizes of these data sets typically reach terabyte (TB ) , petabytes (PB ), or exabytes . SAP HANA is positioned as a solution to the problems of data at the bottom of the scale . When you run HANA started with 1TB of RAM supports up to 5 TB of uncompressed data . End of 2011 the equipment with 8 TB of RAM, which is now available supports up to 40 TB of uncompressed data . SAP Sybase IQ, owned by its more mature MapReduce- like functionality is provided as a potentially better suited for large data sets . In May 2012, HANA was able to run on servers with 100 TB of main memory on power from IBM. Hasso Plattner said the system was sufficiently large to eight major customers SAP.
Strategic workforce planning
SAP BusinessObjects strategic workforce planning (SWP) was one of the first SAP applications must be redesigned to take advantage of Hana. SWP HANA for managers HR, who want to simulate the working models including turnover in real time, retirement , employment, and other variables.
Smart Analytics meter
In September 2011, SAP released its analysis tool smart meter. This should help the public services of large deployment of smart meters to manage and use large amounts of data generated by these counters.

In September 2011, SAP announced its intention to work in partnership with EMC and VM Ware , on the basis HANA cloud infrastructure applications . This platform , kakpredlozhenie service (PaaS) includes HANA DB- as-a- service , in collaboration with the choice between a Java application or the main stack ABAP. Applications created for each cell will have access to HANA database using different interfaces API. An approach based on Java, the name of the draft Code of the river, based on the NetWeaver Java 7.3.1 server applications. ABAP approach is designed more for an existing user base of SAP - for example , SAP Business By Design Business Suite of enterprise applications , including ERP, CRM and supply upravlenietsepochkami .
On October 16, 2012 SAP announced the release of two versions of SAP HANA delivered in the cloud
SAP NetWeaver Cloud (now called SAP HANA Cloud-Application Service is based on open standards and
SAP HANA - the deployment of SAP HANA in the Cloud Amazon Web Services on an hourly basis. 60 GB is the only option available at the price of 24/7 for example $ 30,572 / year , but with an initial commitment of Amazon can significantly reduce the cost of equipment.
Since it is very central , SAP HANA DB is "just" a relational database. There are many more , but before I get into the details , make sure you know your SQL. So make sure that you have 92 SQL specification are available , and, if necessary , to find a tutorial on SQL Web - or let me Google for Youi mentioned earlier that HANA is " much more than a relational database " - a review of some
advanced topics :

Did you know that HANA supports full-text search - text and therefore can bridge the gap between what is commonly referred to as data ( text only) "structured" ( tables and fields , you usually find in a relational database ), and " unstructured "? The study of fuzzy Developer's Guide contains information on how to - Well, the title says it all - how fuzzy search on text data

One of the most interesting features is the integration of Hana statistical functions (called Predictive Analytics Library - PAL) and business functions ( business function libraries - OFZ ) in the central database. Discover Manual Reference Library Business Library functions intellectual leadership analysts .
I pointed to this section , and in my humble opinion, this is the coolest part of the SAP HANA. HANA create potential as the basis for high-speed data - but these libraries are a great example for SAP HANA is a database .

With the exception of writing wrappers around the PAL / OFZ , do not worry too much about the L- language at this point. This is likely to suffer significant simplification falls to the general public sponsors (if applicable). Future versions called PAL / OFZ probably do not even need these wrappers more, but be more naturally integrated SQL Script.

If PAL does not provide the statistical analysis function you want to perform on the data - you can be assured of a popular R statistical programming language is . So if you're really in mathematics, see HANA R- integration. For licensing reasons, we can not say with R HANA, but it is very easy to install - documentation HANA is a guide for it, and my colleague Blag wrote a blog to start easily ..

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