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Avail Auto Logout Solution for Idle Computers

Submitted on: Fri, 01 Mar 2013 15:29:50Views: 277
Administrators have the ability to auto logout the users after a specified time of inactivity. The software can be used to automatically log off of any signed off user on a computer that has been left idle. It gives administrator a complete and proper control over idle digital computers. After administrator defines idle period the software automatically log off the screen and unsaved changes are discarded. The auto log off action can be used for logout, restart, shutdown and power down of your system. This software allows assembling auto log off functionality in your computer and configuring the number of minutes after which the user must be logged off automatically.

You can use auto logout feature even if your screen saver is running and inactivity continues. This feature has the ability to lock workstations and gives network administrators to control over unattended workstations. You can implement screen saver timeout and examine all log off events for your computer. If any user either single or multiple leaves the computer, the user will be signed out automatically. By using this software you can automatically shut down your workstation and save your computer at schedule date and time. The auto log off feature is best used when the computer is idle or when there is excessive CPU usage.

Access manager gives the ability to remote access to any computer regardless of the distance. With this manager you can manage your remote server connections in one single interface. It also manages your web files to establish a safe online storage house for the files. This software solution tracks all your passwords in one simple list and offers fast and easy secure password management. Authorized users can access your documents and upload huge files and important of their business. You can edit your passwords and make use of strong passwords that improve your password quality.

In order to meet security requirements for your business, you need to focus on access management solutions. It analyzes who is accessing your data and help in determining data retention policies. Access insight is yet another benefit that can be acquired from access manager as it generates business reports and manage the data effectively. You can also secure access to files, data and shares all your important information through multiple channels.

Access manager assign ownership of all data to the appropriate business owners for tracking their business reports. It identifies and monitors key data for determining all access report for your business. Organizations can centrally manage authentication and authorization policies both for small and large number of users. By using access management solutions enterprises can deploy applications more quickly with single sign-in user access. Moreover, organizations can mitigate risk and can access important data within web based applications.

Access manager control and assess business identity solutions. The process involves account management, authorization, verification and directory services that are required for your business needs. By adopting such valuable solutions, organizations can verify and monitor their confidential business records in an effectual manner.

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