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Using Proficient Builders to Construct Customized Homes

Submitted on: Fri, 10 Jan 2014 07:17:12Views: 178
If you are building a home or an addition, here are some questions you should ask your prospective custom home builder to keep your home-building experience from becoming a nightmare.

It is best not don’t assume anything

There is an old saying that between Cost, Speed and Quality you can get any two-but not the third. We would suggest that a “good experience” would be where you have those attributes (high quality, fair cost, and reasonable timeframe) along with a feeling that the people that you have selected to work with you share your values and concerns, and will use their expertise for your benefit-not to game you. Unfortunately, the traditional form of contracting leaves the purchaser of contracting services more or less in a “Buyer Beware” situation. As the buyer of these services, you are at a huge disadvantage in terms of knowledge base to be able to discern the differences between companies. There will be some that are going to deliver the “good experience” you are looking for and build your home Darwin. Price, something you think you know about, is not a good way to start to distinguish Company A from Company B.

First of all, we have never heard of a custom home builder that starts off by telling you that they are going to steal from you and deliver the most minimal quality product they can get you to accept-so we start with rule number 1: “Bad builders always lie” It’s not even lying to them, really-it’s how they operate. By asking a few specific questions, you should be able to start to gauge the differences between companies that are going to try to help you and those that are likely to hose you.

Get References

We think this is the most important area and so we are going to spend a little more time here. About references, we’re not only talking about customer references; companies will only give you their good ones, and they avoid the bad ones. What you want to do is submit a questionnaire to each company you is considering hiring. The questionnaire should ask where they build, whom they buy from, whom they borrow from, and whom they subcontract to, along with phone numbers and contact names.

For the Inspectors, they probably will not come out and say anything negative, so be attentive to what they don’t say as much as what they do say. You don’t need to be an expert in construction techniques, laws or accounting to get a very quick read on the companies you are vetting, as long as you follow through on your calls, the differences in the companies, and the experience you are likely to have, will become very obvious.

Your Options and Allowances

During the building cycle, many bad experiences are created when the Allowances given for things like cabinets and flooring don’t bear any relationship to actual selections made by the customer. So, unless you have tens of thousands of dollars set aside for this, you want know that the builder will set the Allowances at a price-point commensurate with what you are likely to spend (then the cost is covered in your construction loan).

Engineered Floors

Ask them if they use engineered floor systems as a standard. You don’t need to know anything more than that. Their answer to that question will give you guidance into their perspective of their philosophy on building a solid home. You should know that different wood species have different strengths, and so can be used for different spans for floors and rafters. You will find out right away if they are into the “science” of building, or just trying to turn dollars over.

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To build your home Darwin, it is important that that one consider all these aspects when hiring the builder. To know more about the different services, please visit

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