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Major Steps for Buying Property in Australia

Submitted on: Wed, 08 Jan 2014 02:37:40Views: 191
The article describes the following guidelines to follow when planning to purchase a property in Australia.

Organizing your finances

One needs to understand how much they can afford in mortgage repayments. Home Builders Darwin will state that there are certain ongoing costs that are associated when owning a property. It is imperative to know what the financial institutions will actually offer you.

Finding a property

It is important to determine from before what are kind of properties that one would like to purchase. The idea is to attend open auctions and inspections to understand what property is selling for. This will help in getting an idea of what the buying process is.

Engaging a Conveyancer

It is important to employ the services of a licensed and professional conveyancer or a solicitor from the first step in the home buying process. This will help in proceeding with the legal documentation and settlement process.

Researching about the property

When someone finds the property that they are interested in, they should always conduct some background check on them to identify all building issues and other unsatisfactory factors regarding the property. There are certain documents that will be given by the vendor or the agent. Perusing through these documents helps in taking the correct decision.

Making the offer

If the property is on sale by a private vendor, the price can be directly offered to the vendor or the agent. This should be included in the documentation and be signed over to you. If the buyer makes the necessary offer, it is imperative to include the condition in writing. Vendor should validate this in the contract. The conveyancer or solicitor should be able to include the conditions within the wordings of the document. The vendor agent may sometimes request for paying up a holding deposit. This will held when making an hour and thereby held in the trust account.

Auctioning the property

If the property is up for the auction, one can register and attend the auction as a bidder. If someone is successful at the auction, the party may need to verify through the contract of sale and pay the fixed amount as deposit with the finish of auction. One should organize for the necessary building inspections and for the financial institute to conduct the appropriate valuation.

Contract of sale

This is a legally binding contract that will bind the vendor and the buyer once they sign them. If someone is buying the property through a private vendor, there are certain conditions that should included. These are subject to valuations like finance and mortgage. Once the building inspection report is received, and everything is fine, the contract is held. If someone is purchasing a property through an auction, one is expected to sign the contract immediately. The contract is not subject to any conditions.

Paying the deposit

The deposit is payable when the contract of sale has been validated and signed. Usually this is ten percent of the purchase price. One needs to organize the transfer of money to the respective parties. The conveyancer usually prepares the necessary documents. The deposit is held in trust until settlement. For auctioned homes, the deposit needs to be paid immediately.

Cooling period

If someone purchases a property with a private treaty or Home Builders Darwin, there are usually two business days that one has as a cooling off period. This is the time, when the contract can be withdrawn, and someone can change the mind. The time is for two business days from either the date of contract of sale or the date mentioned in the statement. If as buyer, one decides to withdraw from the purchase, the vendor can forfeit the deposit. The larger deposits will be returned. If the property is brought at an auction, one is not entitled for the cooling off period.


This is the period wherein all the titles of the necessary documents are transferred from the vendor’s name into yours. The adjustment rates and taxes are also included and the balance is also paid. If there is a conveyancer, the settlement can be solved by them.

It is important that all the documents provided by the companies actually suffice for a seamless transition from the seller to the buyer. The important factors and differences between the private entities and auction homes should be kept in mind.

Author Bio:
Home Builders Darwin provided the following steps when buying property in Australia. To know more about the niche services, please visit the website here.

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