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Getting Started on the Selling Process of Property

Submitted on: Tue, 07 Jan 2014 01:03:28Views: 284
When we are discussing about the selling process of a home, we can break it down into several steps. If done accordingly, these steps will progress towards a successful completion. Jumping on any of the steps, or taking any shortcuts will lead to problems during the escrow period. This is the last thing that one wants to encounter. It is important to believe in the power of the checklist that is designed especially for the home seller.

Cleaning and De cluttering homes

Adelaide home builders states that even before someone thinks of having, real estate agents tour their homes, it is imperative to get the heavy lifting off the way. If you are confused as to what should one remove from their home, and what should be kept, keep in mind that the rooms should look bright and big. Big furniture makes the room appear bigger, thereby rearrange them and make the room appear bigger and airy. Before selling, peruse through each room and remove everything that doesn’t fit the purpose of the place. For example, keeping exercise equipment in your office place doesn’t appear good, therefore keep in the storage. Do the same thing with all the baby paraphernalia in the living rooms. When you are in a cleaning spree, it is also important that drapes, rugs and carpets be also cleaned.

Appealing curb

A real estate buzzwords, the term “curb appeal” simply means how alluring the home is from the curb. It is imperative to remember that this is the buyer’s vantage point and typically determines whether she or he wants actually to check the inside the property. The very least you can do is to give a proper landscaping. A good pruning of the lawn, a fresh coat of paint, etc. will attract the buyer and interest the prospect in buying it.

Considering staging the property

Various researches have shown that staging the home sells quicker and earns for money. You don’t need to go out all the way and hire the most expensive interior designer. By following some of the staging advice, you will proceed towards a successful sale and big bucks.

Making necessary repairs

To remove all bumps in the home selling process, one should always have their property professionally inspected. This should be done before placing it in the market. The buyer will inspect before the final settlement, but a pre-sell home inspection will provide the knowledge of items in needs of repair that slows or halts the deal. The minimum that can be done is fixing the items that is one is aware of- like dripping faucets, running toilets, or holes in window screens.

Hiring an agent

Folks selling their own house take their time. Unless you lot of time to devote to the process, one can always hire a marketing firm because real estate investments are usually expensive. Professionals make the process seamless. To find the appropriate real estate agent is challenging because the number of present in the market acts the biggest adversary. Following a checklist is helpful.

Creating a brag book

The brag book is something that one can always leave on the kitchen counter. The buyers can look through when touring your home. One can place the home flyer, which includes neighborhood details, comparable sales and other amenities. One can always include the highlights of the home. The custom features are an added advantage. Enlisting all the repairs with the copies of invoices should also be included. One can always use a checklist during the first few phases to get the home ready for the market.


De-cluttering the home

• Leave only decorative items on kitchen and bathroom counters
• Rearrange medicine cabinets, cupboards, pantry and drawers
• Remove all the large furniture that makes the room smaller
• Remove all the personal items such as family photos, refrigerator clutter, DVD collection etc.

Cleaning the home thoroughly

• Remove all odors
• Wash or paint the walls
• Clean the windows
• Laundry the rugs and drapery
• Clean the fireplace
• Carpets and baseboards should be cleaned
• Clean bathroom and kitchen

Increase curb appeal

• The front porch should be enticing
• Fertilize, mow and clean the lawn
• Rake away debris and weed
• New landscape plants can be thought about

Once all this has been thought about, it is time to reconsider the sell during the month.

Author Bio:
The author thinks that following the above checklist by the Adelaide home builders will improve sale prospects and ensure higher returns. To know more about the various services, please visit the website here.

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