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Under the policy impetus times of LED lighting is coming soon

Submitted on: Thu, 21 Oct 2010 02:41:50Views: 544
LED lighting applications continue to expand under policy promote and the industry positive input. Li Shiyi ,Managing Director of CREE ,LED maker Cree, pointed out that lighting giant Philips brand penetration of the global estimate of LED lighting, has 2% of last year, increased to 5% -6% this year, and forecast 2015 will reach 50% penetration rate of LED lighting on 10/13 at ITRI organized "LED Lighting Industry Development Forum". Itâ??s means 2011-2012, the global LED lighting market penetration will exceed 10%. According to the study, when a 10% market penetration rate of -15%, the next penetration rate will be accelerated.

How to speed up the development of LED lighting, crystal power (2448) Vice President Xie Mingxun R & D Center, said the unit cost reduction is very important. Current crystal power LED lighting products can be achieved 100lm / $ (per $ 1 can buy 100 lumens), 2015 is expected to reach 800-1000lm / $. According to market research firm predicted that the traditional incandescent light gun (40W) 1.5 U.S. dollars at current prices, for example, when the price dropped to $ 3.75 LED light bulbs for incandescent price of 2.5 times (estimated in 2015), LED light bulbs will be more than 20% penetration rate.

Xie Mingxun said electric current in the large-size crystal (such as LCD TV) backlighting market share has been high, the next should be done in the lighting market with high market share. Crystal Power is actively developing the current LED lighting, and has launched a high-voltage LED solutions.

Penetration of the global LED lighting market is expected to be more than 50% in 2015, mainly based on the forecast lighting maker Philips. Bo Jiansheng, general manager of Philips Lighting in Taiwan stressed the advent of LED lighting time soon, but the era of LED lighting, much like the disruptive innovation may not be the last occurrence of the lighting environment and ecology, change the rules of the game, though is an opportunity, but the manufacturer may want to create a different thinking.

For example, LED lighting, and constantly create new needs, Philips is focused on systems and solutions, rather than from a single source point to the development of LED lighting. The lamp, the light source point of view, may be sodium, fluorescent, but the system point of view, using different technologies, makes lights with multiple functions.

Philips currently put about 5% of its annual turnover 80 billion to R & D, more than 90% of which is betting in LED related products. Philips also focus on working with the industry , approximately 200 billion new taiwan dollar has been invested in the establishment of cooperative relations over the past 5 years (led lighting taiwan), especially in control systems, lighting control. From: wholesale led lights

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