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LED Light Bulbs: The Future in Household Lighting

Submitted on: Thu, 17 Nov 2011 05:39:22Views: 500

One the advents of the digital world is that almost all household electronic devices and appliances are being upgraded to more energy-efficient and longer-lasting models than what are found in most households today. From telephone and television signals to various remote-controlled appliances, advancements in digital technologies has been fast-paced during recent years. Recently, Sharp released a new LED light bulb that perfectly fits in most standard light sockets and can be digitally controlled while providing some fun and amazing exclusive functions. Sharp is calling this their DL-L08A1900A model.

The remote control packs a number of features that include seven modes of light-dimming control, along with color temperature control and color-switch functions. This LED bulb powers up immediately needing no warm time. Unlike conventional dimming controls for ordinary light bulbs, the Sharp remote control does this function digitally; no other wires or control switches need to be installed on the light socket or panel. The remote just needs to be within a 3 meter range of the LED light bulb in order to execute these amazing new functions. The light bulb itself provides a 120o beam angle of light. The light color switching and brightness adjustment is essentially real-time if the remote and the LED light bulb are in optimal working range. It allows for someone to change the ambiance from 2650K which is a very yellowish or warm color to 5400K which is a very cool or bluish white color. So the color range available is very considerable, and dimming goes all the way down to 10 percent of the total potential light output.

Besides these new and exciting features for house lighting, the company also boasts that this product has a lifespan of 40,000 hours â?? so long that it comes with a three year warranty. This LED lamp also provides an excellent energy consumption reduction of about 80% as it renders the same amount of light as a 40 watt incandescent bulb for just 7.8 watts. This is backed by the companyâ??s engineering testing and other analysis.

It is now currently available commercially. It's only drawback may be it's cost, but that is expected to go down with mass production. While ordinary incandescent light bulbs may cost less than a dollar, and compact fluorescent light bulbs only a couple of dollars, this is projected to initially cost around $30. But then no LED light bulb today does what this one does!

While many big companies continue striving to develop low-cost digital lighting, this Sharp LED lamp's energy-efficiency rating and increased-lifespan leads the pack for now. Buyers must take into consideration its return on investment over time and other unique benefits. The future of household lighting is this LED light bulb that brings longer life and produces higher lumens per watt. We will be seeing more LED options in the marketplace and prices continuing to drop. This gives us just a glimpse of how our future is changing and how our homes will be powered by new light sources.

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