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Domestic LED enterprise development is uneven

Submitted on: Tue, 25 Jan 2011 22:53:51Views: 531
2010 State Star of domestic packaging industry to successfully log in A-share market power for the inflection point, Mason, Hongli, Ruifeng, Lehman is also actively follow up, setting off a wave of domestic packaging companies a listing.

June, Foshan City, Country Star Electric Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Star Power") IPO application by the SFC for approval. It is understood that the country star power in mainland China currently one of the top three LED package is the largest output SMD LED packaging companies (excluding foreign-funded enterprises).

According to the China Securities Regulatory Commission announced yesterday, the GEM issuance examination committee is scheduled to convene Nov. 12 71 2010, 72 working meetings, the Audit Lehman Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen, starting applications. December 24, Lehman Optical prospectus published, the company proposed initial public offering of RMB ordinary shares (A shares) 1,680 shares, the total share capital after the release of 6,700 shares will be traded on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM. December 27-29, Lehman will be in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing Optoelectronic three were roadshow, January 4 official purchase. As the LED industry, high-end national brands, Lehman optoelectronic package for the 2010 companies listed in China drawing on the successful close.

LED data display, according to senior engineer in 2010, the domestic product lines in the SMD package than the proportion of Taiwanese companies is still low. Case before the 100 packaging companies, SMD basic monthly between the 60-80KK, in addition to a few companies can reach more than 100KK production. This figure is the top 10 this year, Taiwan's average monthly capacity of packaging factory 1 / 10.

SMD packaging companies in the country this year has formed three production echelon, first echelon is to the country, led by star power, can produce between 100-250KK, such enterprises currently do not exceed 10; second tier per month to the 60-100KK between the number of firms accounting for about 5% of the total; the third tier in the 20-40KK per month to between the number of firms accounting for 30%. From the production point of view, it is clear there is no absolute domestic packaging companies and a leader in the small gap between each other.

2010, appeared in the domestic packaging industry rush to the scene launched high-power packaging project. Production capacity is currently widespread in the 1-3KK / June, but few companies can achieve 5KK / month.

"Vertical integration" is a 2010 global LED industry in China and the hot topic, whether it is integrated from top to bottom or from bottom-up integration will undoubtedly focus on the packaging of those companies have great pressure. Such pressures include the future supply of chips and the package costs. April leading enterprises in the domestic display chip core parent company of Hangzhou Silan Shilan Ming announced plans to cut into the LED chip downstream packaging business, and further enhance the LED business profitability. Also in this time, the domestic LED optoelectronic chip maker announced three security Chery invested 40.8 million yuan in hand bigger packaging industry (led lights importer).

Meanwhile, Taiwan's production capacity of approximately 50% of the package transferred to the mainland, as of the third quarter of 2010, the first 8 major Taiwan LED packaging factory's product line has been formed to SMD-based (led lights bulb), high-power secondary structure, which alone can produce more than 6000KK SMD 2011 years is expected to exceed production capacity 9500KK, compared with 51% growth this year. 8 largest assembly plant in addition to prior art power, the have all set up factories in the Mainland. Lite-On Technology of which the largest production capacity in the Mainland, to 750KK / month; followed Everlight 500KK / month. Taiwan's packaging production in China has accounted for its 42.3% of full capacity in 2011 expected to exceed 50%. From: cheap led lights

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