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China Unicom also will introduce iPhone5

Submitted on: Tue, 25 Jan 2011 01:49:06Views: 573
Since last September when Apple iPhone 4 was released in the domestic market, it has been being popular with people. IPhone 4 now and the same cause for concern and hot, is a new generation of cell phones on the Apple iPhone 5 all the rumors.

Analysys International analyst Lu Li-bin, told reporters on this site, iPhone 5 It is not clear specifications, so their operators, see how much influence the pattern, it can not come to a definite conclusion.But we can not rule out China Telecom and China Mobile, the possibility of the introduction of iPhone, and now CDMA version of iPhone 4 already on the market, first introduced the possibility of telecommunications bigger. Move to the introduction of iPhone, TD is a standard problem can not be ignored, and perhaps the introduction of a new generation of iPhone will be the constraints, because the TD compared with WCDMA and CDMA2000, their advantage is not obvious. The other two are relatively mature technology. Lu Li-bin that, for China Mobile, the opportunity is available directly from the TD may be upgraded to TD-LTE, which is 3G, or 4G standards rose to 4G.

Ben Wang interview well-known experts in the telecommunications industry Xiang Ligang, he believes that standard users do not care about the issue, as long as phones can reach their own requirements may be. If the iPhone 5 release this year, mobile and telecommunications is no need to introduce the old version.However, China Unicom will not remain indifferent to, if this year's introduction of mobile telecommunications iPhone 5, do not rule out the possibility of China Unicom also introduced.

Informed sources, iPhone 5 in addition to upgrade and improve the functions of the iPhone 4 the biggest bright spot is the application of biometric technology and RFID applications. From June 29, 2007, Apple iPhone starting date, Apple cell phone with your fingers on the screen slide to unlock feature by customers and lead the smart phone to unlock a new era of the traditional keyboard.Apple in iPhone 5 in another creative way to change the phone unlocked (wholesale iphone cases), will use biometric technology. As early as in before the media reported that Apple has indeed applied for a biometric identification technology patents.

For the iPhone 5 of speculation, Xiang Ligang told IT Business News Network, iPhone 5 is unlikely to support 4G, 4G technology although it has become increasingly clear (4g smartphone), but the 4G standards next spring, will be formally approved, before that, All the networks are not the official business of large-scale network, but also what kinds of technology is not officially implemented. Apple is always advanced, but the company will not be ahead this time, and it is more likely that more sensors will be integrated into cell phones. From: razr phone skins

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