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Check Out the Major Precautions While Handling PCB Boards

Submitted on: Tue, 25 Oct 2011 03:00:46Views: 537
With the advent of technology, it is natural to see that PCB printed circuit boards have been one of the most innovative tools for computer engineers around the world. This tool has allowed an average person to get the type of task performance they expect out of these useful machines. These tools are not only affordable but are also easily manufactured and have become the standard for various industries, making them a common choice for businesses around the world.

Even with the ever changing technology that has been implemented throughout the years, PCB printed circuit boards have remained as relevant as ever. Their close connection with the industry has forced technology manufacturers to plan future innovations with them in mind. Printed circuit boards continue to be in demand in market at all the times as one of the few technology components, which have never ceased to be needed by many businesses and residents.

While printed circuit boards donâ??t seem to break easily but even though, there are certain conditions that are a great threat even to the most well built PCBs, which you may not have considered. So, it is better to take certain precautions while handling the PCBs or prototype PCBs.

Precautions while handling PCB boards:

â?¢ Work stations need to be free of static generating material like plastics, rubber, vinyl, Styrofoam and other fabric.

â?¢ You need to be grounded properly any time you are dealing with PCB assemblies. To be safe, many people working in such areas will use a wrist strap that is connected to an earth ground and also heel grounders on each foot that connect to the static dissipating floor.

â?¢ Circuit boards should only be handled at properly designed work areas that include proper grounding methods and static dissipation of work and floor surfaces.

â?¢ Avoid eating, drinking or smoking at your work area. Even the smallest mess can be detrimental to your printed circuit boards.

â?¢ Stacking printed circuit boards is not a good idea. It might result in damaged PCBs.

â?¢ Whenever you are holding a circuit broad, it should be by its edges and avoid touching any components and circuits.

â?¢ Usually avoid using skin products that may contain silicone. It can cause solder and epoxy adhesion issues.

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