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Apple silicone case market space raise tens of billions

Submitted on: Tue, 25 Jan 2011 01:51:19Views: 548
Apple products on their own to pull the wind iPhone, iPad made huge profits in recent years, while the survival of some of the parts near the apple vendors, channels and distributors also followed the first drink the delicious taste of soup.

Cool-Mart is one of the company, the company yesterday, Mr. Wang, a management of the "First Financial Daily" said: "When in November 2009 into the cool iPhone accessories industry when Matt, I really did not expect this market to be so large. "The companies are doing this business iPhone silicone case, they found that there are hundreds of billion of a market space.

Cool-Mart is doing the original hard disk box, base, USB cable, and other computer peripheral products, Apple iPhone 3 in 2009 the global market, the cool-Mart decided to invest in research and development for iPhone 3 sets of silicone, leather, shell. At that time, the tentacles reach into other areas from industry, there are sets of silicone-based Imation Corporation in the United States (Imation), they are mainly engaged in the security of Apple products, audio player expansion, equipment and other services charge, but also a silicone 2010 sets listed.

The current figures published by the media, iPhone sales have exceeded 90 million units, a conservative estimate that China accounted for about 10%, or 9,000,000 units. Many of the market now popular silicone case is entrusted to the Chinese mainland and Taiwan companies to produce, by 30 yuan / month the price of a conservative estimate, there are billions of related businesses around the market space. This does not count sales of 200 million units iPad silicone case market.

"In the area of Apple's mobile phone casing accessories, we will set points in the soft silicone material type, the other set of PTU also belongs to soft material with water, but a harder than silicone products, hard wood is the production of a number of bright colors hard shell, etc.. "Moshi mobile phone accessories business insiders said Mr Fu, soft wood products in Hong Kong, Guangdong and Fujian provinces is extremely popular, while the hard shell type is more prevalent in the East China region," silicone sleeve, leather and other accessories are In 2010, sales hit a staggering growth rate, compared to 2009, an increase of up to 100% or more. but silicon case may be even higher. "

Mr. Wang also said cool-Mart, now the company is far worse than sales of other Apple products silicone case, leather, etc., in which silicone cover several hundred million dollars last year accounted for about 20% of sales in 2011 expected to grow.

Currently the mainland market could see several categories of silicone sleeve, 100 to 300 yuan for an upscale, 30 yuan to 100 yuan are mid-range, in addition to a number of no-name, no brand goods all over the streets. Cool silicone Mart located in the 18 per set to 30.

One vendor told reporters that he had done an experiment: the two were put on a very cheap mobile phones 30 yuan and 100 yuan silicone case, let the air off the body, both well regarded mobile phone protection. A digital flagship store official told reporters, high-priced products that are profiteering, "Silicone is not a very scarce and expensive raw materials. Can be said that a price of 100 yuan or more silicone case, there should be 100% to 300 % or even higher profits, while the channels, distributors in 30% of the profits. "

However, as the producer Mr. Fu that the gap is still high and some low-end products, such as mold different, decided to set the appearance of fine silica level, and material selection, color matching, durability, etc., offers for higher quality and more advantages. Some design superior products, but also to prevent scratches and dust intrusion.

Whether earn earn less, in short, with Apple set to profit. These accessories manufacturers are most concerned about is that this year, Apple launched when the iPhone, iPad new products. June 2010 Apple announced the sale of iPhone 4 (iphone 4g case), the cool-Mart was busy preparing for the new cell phone new clothes, and less than 2 months, leather, silicone cover, so the whole family to support a comprehensive listing. In addition Mart also plans to cool a large-scale recruitment program distributor, the implementation of distribution, service integration, the beginning of what the company does not set the threshold, but then will take the "horse race" form, according to the implementation of sales last one eliminated.

"We do not think it is a vicious competitive market, growth is still there." Consignment of mobile phone silicon case through digital companies in Shanghai by an employee said (ipod touch case). Apple has its own 3, 5-year plan as a parts supplier, it should be with a win-win. From: phone covers

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