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PROBLEM CHILD : Nusury Teacher Training

Submitted on: Sat, 16 Aug 2014 08:10:55Views: 791
In the words of Nursery Teacher Training, “Problem children are generally used to describe children whose behaviour or personality in something is seriously abnormal.” In this manner, the class of problem children includes all those juveniles whose character or personality shows some signs of abnormality. Some behaviour abnormalities that seem to indicate this condition are-stealing, lying, annoying children weaker and younger than themselves, not doing home assignments, running away from school, or arriving late at school. They can also be called defects or abnormalities concerning character or personality because conduct of this nature indicate shortcomings in both personality as well as character.
Causes of Problematic Behaviour:
Problematic behaviour can have two kinds of causes:-
i) Hereditary
ii) Environmental.
Hereditary causes include-physical, emotional defects, but sometimes these may also be the result of weakness. The environmental factors are following:-
1. Atmosphere of home:

One major cause of problematic behaviour is the contaminated behaviour that exists in many homes. A large majority of problem children come from broken families of divorced persons. In a study connected by Bannister and Rooder it became known that 66 percent of the children come from the homes that have an improper atmosphere. Certain other studies traced abnormal behaviour to such diverse cases as poverty, lack of recreation, absence of care, almost complete absence of affection and love, too much cinema seeing etc. Signs of problematic behaviour are also generated in children who come from homes the atmosphere in which is either strictly disciplinarian or completely lax or uninhibited. Much of what is said regarding juvenile delinquents is also true of the problematic children.

2. Bad Company:

Besides the family, another agency that plays an important role in developing signs of abnormal behaviour in the child is his companionship. Falling into bad company the best of children learn stealing, smoking, physical outrange, cruelty or sex habits of bad nature.

3. Atmosphere in School:

Another important case of problematic behaviour is the defective and contaminated atmosphere of the school. It is only natural for the children to show sign of abnormal behaviour when they are compelled to study in schools in which the teachers present improper and immoral ideals before them, the method of teaching is disgusting or uninteresting and where there is absence of wholesome recreation etc.

Cure of Problem Children:

Pre Primary Teacher Trainingadvises schools to adopt the following measures for the Preventing and cure of problematic behaviour in its students:

a) Presentation of high ideals by teachers:

In the school the teacher is no less than ideal to the student or child, hence it is essential that the teacher’s character, personality and conduct should be of the highest order so that the best ideals become personified in him.

b) Interesting method of education:

If the method of education or teaching be not interesting the children run away from school and fall into very bad habits. If they are taught by more interesting methods they will be interested.

c) Proper use of apparatus:

In schools through the medium of libraries and reading rooms children and students should get healthy literature so that their thinking many take on a healthy hue and proper form.

d) Balanced curriculum:

The curriculum in various classes for students should be so designed as not to strain the student too much but at the same time provide him with knowledge.

The Distance Pre Primary Teacher Training diploma course syllabus of each programme is impeccably designed after thorough research to suit the different needs of our trainees so as to enable them to pursue our programmes successfully at their ease.

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