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Walkthroughs and Flythrough: Demonstrate Architecture Design

Submitted on: Mon, 20 Aug 2012 02:29:57Views: 765
Imagine completing a project directly instead of preparing a 3D visualization first. What if the client is unhappy with the end results and puts off a change with the entire project. End results would be excess cost and time consumption. The solution for this is to prepare 3D architectural animation before the construction starts. 3D Animation is basically a process of creating a video which comprises of moving or animated rendered images. This can include landscaping, characters, interiors or exteriors. But why 3D animation?

3D Animation basically came into existence with a purpose of marketing effectively. Building a site, then having clients visit and finalize a location was getting redundant. So putting together interiors and exteriors of a site, animating them to give an effect of how a site would look once it is built saved time and money. This also gave a much better impact visually.

It is very tough to visualize a 2D drawing in a 3D form for a common person. Using 3D animation you can virtually feel your presence in a location and get to know how a particular location looks from within. This technique is effortless to use and an effective method to cater your design. 3D Animation technique helps you to transform the 3D model into live mode. The whole and sole purpose of 3D animation is Marketing and Presentation.3D architecture animation consists of two ways.They are:

1. 3D Walkthrough Services
2. 3D Flythrough Services

1. 3D Walkthrough Services:
3D Walkthrough services provides visualization of the Architecture in such a way that it gives you feeling like you are taking tour of that virtual structure. 3D Walkthrough helps you create both exterior as well as interior of the design project so that the architecture can be analyzed with precision. Walkthrough is a movie created using multiple images which have been rendered. Lightings, various moving objects, etc can be used in walkthrough to make it look realistic.

2. 3D Flythrough Services:
3D Flythrough is a process in which various design concepts are visualized. Flythrough helps you exhibit model of the design giving you feeling as if you are taking trip across it. It gives virtual presentation of the overall engineering design.

Walkthrough vs. Flythrough:
Walkthrough is similar to virtual camera which gives a feeling as if you are taking a virtual trip through it whereas Flythrough is much the same but here it gives a feeling as if you are moving above the area. In short, Walkthrough is visual presentation of moving inside the structure and Flythrough provides an aerial glimpse.

3Ds Max Software is usually used to create Walkthroughs and Flythrough. Presently 3D walkthroughs and flythrough has emerged an important tool for designers to make their design cost effective, time saving, error free and with utmost perfection.

Summarizing to match up with the pace of industrial demands 3D animation techniques are being widely used.3D animation is a flawless and excellent method of presenting one’s services and products to clients. 3D animation is very interactive way to cater the design concept to clients in such a way that it looks virtually real. It provides view from different angles with deep down structural activity thus providing a complete outline of how the structure will look after the completion.

Tesla Outsourcing company provides CAD Services and Architectural Animation to clientele worldwide.

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