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Green Building Turning point in field of Architectural Industry

Submitted on: Wed, 22 Aug 2012 06:13:43Views: 803
Green Building – Two words talk a lot about this particular concept. In this era of global warming and deteriorating environmental conditions, every industry is thinking about various methods of conserving environment. Green building means building which is constructed using principal of conserving environment. For example: Materials which create less environmental imbalance will be used in green building construction. Apart from new constructions even existing building can be transformed into green buildings. Goal of using green building concept is to handle the construction process in such a way that the emission of anti-environmental elements into the environment is minimized. Industry has rightly come up with solutions which are benefitting environment positively.

Implementing green building concept is a marathon task. Setting standards, performing analysis, selection of environment friendly materials etc. have to be kept in account before getting into green building implementation. Excellent planning and forecast is important for the success of green building implementation. Energy analysis is the most important step towards green building implementation. But what is energy analysis?

Energy analysis is a process which determines the energy efficiency parameters of a particular building or structure. It also helps us analyze the weather conditions and how emissions will be done in typical weather conditions, carbon emissions, day lighting and night lighting, estimated utilization of water, improvise usage of energy and neutralize carbon emission during design stage. Architects and designers work on designing buildings keeping these parameters in mind.

We in this article will also talk about what the measures are taken to conserve energy.

1. Designing is the first step towards any construction. Building should be designed according to the conditions of environment. Materials used for construction, lighting systems etc. needs to be designed accordingly.
2. Kind of energy resources needs to be identified.
3. Designs should be done in such a way that there is minimum consumption of lights with maximum utilization of natural light.
4. Material waste should be recycled and used.
5. Rain water should be used and storage facilities to store rain water should be designed and built.
6. Landscaping outside building with green plants, trees etc. should be incorporated while construction.

These are some points which we presented, however apart from this there are several other measures which can help in construction of green building. Constructing a green building is expensive than constructing a normal building, but the benefits in long run with respect to a sustainable environment is higher than this.

Green building construction nevertheless is a turning point in architectural industry. It has great benefits and should be adopted by all countries with an intention of preserving environment. Today countries like USA, Canada etc. are going towards green building in a constructive way.

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