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Submitted on: Thu, 06 Sep 2012 05:47:57Views: 818
Almost 50 years ago from now, every architect, engineer and designer had to pen down their concepts or drawings on paper, which is not only a tedious job but also consumes a lot of productive time.

In this entire manual drafting process the probability of occurrence of human error was always high. Every dimension of the building had to be drawn on paper with a proper scaling ratio. This means accuracy of the dimensions is always limited by the least count of the instruments used. With this kind of Drafting, all errors had to be corrected manually. Even minor changes required major amount of reworking and consumption of time was much more than today. Hence there was a need of highly accurate and adaptable software which eventually lead to the development of Computer Aided Design/Drafting (CAD) Services.

CAD Services is a group of services that is used for designing or detailing Buildings, machines or instruments. It can be used to design and draw, model or render buildings of all types and sizes like villas, shopping malls, apartments etc. CAD Services is mainly used for designing and analyzing Drawings, 3D models or BIM Models. The kind of development the construction industry is witnessing today would not have been possible without be drawn on paper. CAD Services is not just restricted to drawings but is a very vast concept. It also includes analysis of materials, strength, dimensions and stability of the designed model.

CAD helps in digitizing the process of drafting. It drastically improves the quality and accuracy since the scaling operation is accurate. The designs can be resized easily by only changing the dimensions in the instruction set and therefore it eliminates the need of re-designing the entire model.

Most of the big apartments and other buildings are usually repetition of a particular block. If the designing is hand drafted these blocks have to be drawn again and again. But when the designing is done using CAD Services repetition can be avoided. Each block in CAD is treated as an object and these objects can be selected any number of times, can be placed anywhere in the drawing. This increases the speed drastically as repeated objects are designed only once in the entire designing process.

Most of the reinforcement design plans are often based upon the design plans of the electrical system, plumbing system, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. The designer can place all these systems in a single model using CAD Services and check for the working of his design in a more realistic way which cannot be done with hand drafting.

CAD files are portable and can be easily transferred via e-mail and hence the designing process can be updated on a regular basis to off-shore clients. Thus usage of CAD is highly recommended for any construction process across the globe.

Engineers and Drafters at CAD Drafting possesses remarkable experience in delivering high-end CAD Drafting Services and BIM Services at competitive prices.

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