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Benefits of CAD Drafting in engineering industry

Submitted on: Tue, 04 Sep 2012 01:42:27Views: 562
When we talk about a building construction, one of the most important aspects of it is designing the plans before the actual construction can be carried out. It all begins when the architect designs a sketch, putting his creative idea on a sheet of paper. Then, when it comes to the CAD drafting stage, it is the professional CAD draftsmen who convert the rough sketch into detailed drawings and presentation plans. They include precise measurements and calculations in these drawings which gives the engineers a better idea of the layout of the structure. One of the most sought after programs for CAD drafting is the AutoCAD software and it is used by engineers and draftsmen all over the globe. CAD drafting has been there since 1980’s and have proven to be really instrumental in uplifting the quality, productivity of the project along with enhanced designs.

In the process of constructing a building, the engineers first provide the draftsmen the details of the design. The draftsmen then draft the drawing giving accurate and precise details in each of the design elements. CAD drafting actually allows the draftsmen to convert the hand drawn sketches into a digital representation which can later be changes depending on the need. This saves on a lot of time because using the AutoCAD program; you just need to make minute changes instead of drawing the entire sketch all over again. Converting the sketches into a digital representation is a daunting task but CAD makes them quite an easy thing. Most of the draftsmen create 2D digital designs when making the detailed drawings.

Today CAD drafting has become an important aspect of architectural and engineering domain. Using CAD drafting, engineers can now have a look at the exact designs that will go onto the construction phase and if there are any discrepancies, it can be taken care of before the construction begins. Accurate dimensions, precise angles and detailed information are the key features of the designs that are created by CAD drafting. They are preferred by many constructions and building companies today as they help minimize the chances of discrepancies, faults in designs, data loss. It also helps the designers to make any additional changes that might be required before the final draft goes into the process of becoming an actual building. Since the drafting is done on computers, it is also easy for the files to be transferred through emails of FTP. This facilitates the communication between the architects and the draftsmen in case any changes are required. Owing to these numerous benefits, the use of CAD services has increased exponentially.

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